Have you ever settled down to re-watch that classic picture, 8 Mile, and thought “this rap battle lacks classical music”? Of course you have, and so have we. The strange and wonderful event of the classical season: MC Mozart's Classical Smackdown a music battle with old dead white boys, booze and perhaps even a rogue bassoon. Hosted by the Ghost of Mozart, internationally acclaimed violin soloists ROBERTS BALANAS and JULIE SVECENA are be invited to perform just 10 minute sets on the torrid themes of: love, despair, anger and joy.

“ Classical Smackdown is roughly equivalent to a boozy poetry slam. While the venue is informal and the alcohol flows freely, no concessions are made to the repertoire ...  everyone wins.”  - The Guardian 

Celebrating diversity, creativity and the specacular diaster of messy human love, we will invite 8 Queens to participate in the messiest of Sunday nights - glitter, vodka, and pop trrrraaaash. Disaster. Spectacular. Improvised. Drag. 

"One of the most entertaining nights out in Shoreditch." - Gay Star News

We lock you into space to work with other artists in for one day: 10am-10pm. No phones, no distractions.
Then we throw a party, 10pm til late. Drawing inspiration from Marina Abromovic's 512 Hours at the Serpentine, this lock-in is in recognition of how challenging it is to simply be in a quiet space. Where Marina saw the value of simply being, we believe simply creating has value as well.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Mighty Boosh and the release of unseen photos and artwork at the Book Club, Wild Above Rule comissioned to bring another of our delightful Artist Lock-ins, but this one? This one was getting Booshy. We are invited artists and comedians to join us to write, produce and perform a live episode of the Mighty Boosh in a single day, performed at 8pm that evening. CATASTROPHIC BOOSH.

“Wild Above Rule created a playground for any Boosh fan.” - Dave Brown, director of the Mighty Boosh
NME; The Ransom Note; London on the Inside

Fear and Loathing in Lower Clapton! Commissioned by Blondies to transform their bar, with the help od 12 artist, into a a trippy homage to Fear and Loathing.  No LSD or Hawaiian shirts required (though the latter is encourged), customers rocked up to Blondies as they’d never seen it before and settle yourself in for a very strange evening.
Trip out to incredible jungle-tunes, get your amphibian on with face painting and try not to stare at the human/dino waitresses. 

The only supper club in London wherein being an idiot is seen as a charming advantage. Drop a topic you know everything about into a hat and be seated next to someone who is a total idiot about it. Find friendship (and possibly romance) in your mutual strangeness.